Married to the Music

“Married to the Music” is our jazzy-pop music. It showcases Lisa’s vocals on favorite cover songs, plus Spencer’s originals. “Like” our Facebook page here.

The Story
In 2015, while at MacPhail school of music waiting for their son to finish his guitar lesson, Lisa turned to Spencer and said “I want to sing jazz.”

Hold the phone.

They discussed it, and it became clear that jazz was a perfect choice for Lisa’s range and expressive style. It was also a new challenge for both of them.

That was the day “Married to the Music” was born.

At Studio 2 in Minneapolis…

Lisa and Spencer experimented with different approaches and discovered their sweet spot with a jazzy-pop blend perfect for Lisa’s voice. Crowds love Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm and the special chemistry only possible by their years of music making and making a home together. Their gigs are a fun and special night out.

At the 318 in Excelsior…

Our E.P. is coming soon so all the streaming/downloading platforms!

Some of our favorite covers:

At the 318 Cafe:

A friend shot this on her phone at Studio 2:

From Nancy and Frank Sinatra:

One of our originals..